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Bolivia Extra 2

I thought I’d give a little run down of the people I’ve met so far!

Me and my fellow volunteers, Bill, Ani, Laura and Constança

Laura – another volunteer from Manchester, who has been great at taking the lead with her superior Spanish and creativity. She arrived three weeks before me and leaves next week.

Constança – volunteer from Portugal, arrived last Tuesday and leaves at the end of the month.

Justa – our volunteer coordinator from La Paz. She makes everything tick and does it all with a smile.

The Mendoza family – Rolando and Emma started Up Close, plus their children David and Bell.

Colibri Camping – Danny and Marcelo are the permanent employees, who are supplemented by the work-aways (seems strange that I’ve not heard of this before, but seems a good way to travel).

Children’s Centre – Maribel (the principal), Maxima (the cook), Claudia (the kitchen assistant), five Tías, plus 40-50 children aged 1-4.

Albergue – About 25 girls and a dozen boys aged 3-18 (it changes from day to day). And Lady the dog.

Porvenir – Humberto (owner of the horses and founder of the foundation), Amy (physiotherapist from England who also works with prosthetics) and 18 children plus parents/grandparents/siblings etc.

Locals – Doña Sabina (aka Fanta Lady) who runs the local shop, Rolando (the chess playing Chilean).

Spanish teachers – Rachel & Sergio (Sergio replaced Rachel after she got another job). 

Already left 🙁

Dane & Megan – Australian couple that worked-away on the campsite and left on Monday. Involved in most of the non-volunteering stuff I did in my first three weeks.

Ani & Bill – volunteers that were here during my third week.

Lindsay and Peyton – volunteers that left shortly after I arrived.

Ani, Constança, Laura, Rolando, Justa, me, Megan, Bill, Bell, Amy’s partner John, Dane